Staffordshire Smallholders' Association is a group of people interested in all aspects of rural life. 

Many of us keep some animals - the list includes rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, goats, cattle and alpacas. We are always willing to share the knowledge and expertise we have with others.

Some of us are keen gardeners, perhaps being self sufficient in fruit and vegetables, or just growing plants to enjoy in the garden or greenhouse.  Again there is a wealth of knowledge, often built up over the years, to share with others.

Nature and wildlife are common topics of interest and we have had speakers to increase our knowledge of birds, hedgehogs and other native wildlife.  We have also looked at the "not so desirable" (in the form of rats and mice) that we may want to deter and control.

Along with this comes the produce from our animals and our land and members often have some surplus produce to sell, exchange or barter. On this page we will advertise this produce, along with equipment that may be surplus to requirements.


Roly Poly Puddings is a local business run by one of our members.  Sue specializes in home cooked puddings using high quality and seasonal ingredients, home grown whenever possible.  Puddings come in a variety of flavours and sizes to cater from 1 - 12 people.  Sauces are made to their own recipes and available all year round.

Christmas puddings are a speciality along with mincemeat and brandy butter.

For further details and to order contact Sue on 01902 850885 / 07960 902746

or email

Puddings are also sold through W Maiden & Son, Family Butchers in Brewood. 

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